What Readers of Elvira are Saying

“Fabulous! Brilliant! Phenomenal! The writing is so authentic, and what a memory she had. A wonderful, wonderful work.”
Garland D. Bills

Professor of Linguistics Emeritus, University of New Mexico

“Elvira’s voice has a historical and literary appeal that resounds far beyond her immediate family. Commentaries by the compiler deepen appreciably our understanding of the language usage and cultural conditions of the period.”
George M. Galaza

Deputy Director retired, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilition

 “You have in your hands something first-rate. Congratulations. Through the eyes of a member of the family, the effect of the book was tremendously emotional. The intimate narrative style makes you feel as if the author were talking to you directly in a family atmosphere. I enjoyed it immensely! Bravo!”
Hernán Chávez

Troubador, Elvira's nephew, Colima, México

“The text is dazzling. I loved hearing Elvira’s voice. This is the clearest rendition I have ever encountered of the lives of Mexican-Americans in those years. It’s an important historical work. Linguists and sociocultural bilingualists will find the introduction and the linguistic and cultural explanations cogent and rewarding. The photos are thoroughly enjoyable.”
Anne Fairbrother

Associate Professor of Education, State University of New York, Oswego

“Elvira’s voice comes alive in these pages, as does her devotion to faith and family. An integral part of her personal family are the migrant workers, her ladies at the senior center, and the day-care children. She shows an amazing strength and integrity. What a tough, resilient, determined, and dignified lady!”
Jean Hurtado

Bilingual Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District

“The writing captures beautifully my grandma’s manner of speaking. I could actually hear her talking as I was reading. This is such a rich compilation of her life history that I’ve heard since childhood. I loved the chapter about the one million tortillas. Her stories are a gift to all of us in the family.”
Michael F. Hernandez

Elk Grove, California, Elvira's eldest grandson